8 New Website Trends in 2022

That your business needs a website is unquestionable, but a website must meet the current needs of your target audience to do you any good. You need to stay on top of website trends to deliver a superior user experience.

Whether you plan to launch a new website in 2022 or want to spruce up your existing one, here are eight trends you’ll want to keep in mind. These trends will help you create a website that looks great and provides a user experience that your customers will love.

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1. More Interactive Websites

As users become more accustomed to consuming information online, interactive elements such as animations are increasingly important in holding their attention. These include animations

By adding engaging visuals and using other design elements to create a more immersive experience, website owners can encourage users to stick around longer and explore all their site offers.

Thus, if you’re looking to update your site, consider adding some interactivity to make it truly stand out from the rest.

2. More Video Content

If you’re not using enough video on your website, you’re missing out on one of the most potent weapons to attract traffic. Experts predict that video streaming and downloads will command 82 percent of the global internet traffic in 2022.

Modern website users want more than just plain text on a page. They want engaging content that holds their attention and keeps them coming back for more. Video is the most effective way to deliver messages, and we’re seeing more websites invest in this type of content.

Live streaming is especially popular right now, as it allows users to get real-time information and connect with content to feel more natural and personal. It’s also relatively easy to set up and doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment.

3. Mobile-First Web Design

The shift in website ideas towards mobile-first design is accelerating. This means that designers create websites with mobile devices in mind first and then adapt the design for larger screens.

This change is that more and more people access the internet on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. About 60 percent of internet traffic currently comes from mobile devices.

As a result, it is essential for businesses to have a website designed for these smaller screens. Otherwise, they risk losing potential customers.

4. More User-Generated content

In the past, business websites were largely one-sided affairs, with companies using them primarily to share information about their products and services. However, this is starting to change.

Increasingly, businesses are incorporating user-generated content into their websites. This could take the form of customer reviews, blog posts, or even social media updates.

The benefit of this approach is that it helps to create a more well-rounded picture of the business. It also gives potential customers a chance to taste what it would be like to work with the company. As a result, we expect to see more businesses embrace user-generated content in the coming year.

5. Increased Use of Chatbots

One of the current website trends you can expect to see more of in the future is the use of chatbots. Professional websites use these digital helpers to interact with visitors.

A chatbot is so valuable in a business website because it’s available 24/7. That means they can interact with customers even when you’re away, all year round.

Chatbots can also handle multiple conversations simultaneously. They can also provide instant answers to common questions, saving customers time and frustration. In addition, chatbots can be customized to each company’s specific needs and brand personality.

As a result, chatbots are an efficient and cost-effective way to provide customer service on any professional website.

6. More Emphasis on SEO and Web Traffic Analytics

The modern website is all about driving traffic and engagement. And a big part of that is SEO. Search Engine Optimization helps your site appear higher in search results, which means more people are likely to see it.

Web traffic analytics can help you understand where your traffic is coming from and how they interact with your site. This information is critical in helping you make sure your website is reaching its full potential.

7. Scrolling Becoming the Preferred Site Navigation Technique

Scrolling is rapidly becoming the new standard for website navigation, and there are several reasons why. For one thing, it’s a lot more user-friendly than clicking. Scrolling is a fluid motion that feels natural and intuitive, while clicking can be jarring and interrupt the flow of your web experience.

In addition, scrolling allows you to take in more information at a glance than clicking does. When you scroll, you can take in an entire page of content without clicking through to multiple pages.

8. Inclusive Web Designs and Content

More and more, website designers are focused on creating inclusive designs that welcome all users. This trend is driven by a desire to create a user-friendly internet for everyone, regardless of ability or background. By ensuring that website content is accessible to everyone, we can create a more connected and compassionate world.

Website designers are making their sites more inclusive by using clear and concise language, providing alternative text for images, and adding closed captioning to videos.

In addition, many designers are now choosing to use fonts that are easy to read for people with visual impairments. By taking these steps, we can ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the internet.

Stay on Top of the Hottest Website Trends

So there you have it, the eight website trends will rule 2022. Of course, as with all things web design, these could change or even be replaced by something new and exciting when the year rolls around. But if you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve or want to start planning your website redesign, then these are the trends you want to keep in mind.

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